Orange Blossom Extract or Water?

Hello, these look scrumptious! Does this call for orange blossom water or extract? I have orange blossom water, but can’t seem to find orange blossom extract anywhere. Thanks in advance!

Alexandra Holbrook


Lori T. August 30, 2020
Orange blossom extract is not quite orange water, or orange extract - but kind of an amalgam of the two. Orange blossom extract is made using the pulp of the blossoms of what is known as a sour orange tree. The fruit itself is too sour to eat, but the water made with the flower paste is extremely floral and sweet. Orange water uses the flowers from regular orange trees, and extract is derived from the peels of oranges. Extract is a bit stronger, as you would expect, and not as delicate flavored. You could use any one of those, but if you used orange extract you would want to be judicious with the amount you used. Otherwise, it could take over things and get you a more medicinal crispy treat.
Nancy August 30, 2020
Alexandra, Lori clarified the differences (for which thanks).
But since the recipe called for orange extract (the stronger) and you have orange water (the lighter), you could still use the orange water you have found.
Nancy August 29, 2020
Maybe just a labeling issue.
If you have a bottle of clear liquid, usually between one and two cup size, that smells and tastes like strong orange flavor, that's the same as extract.
Go ahead and use it.
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