Gilding the lily tomato tart with crab

Can this crab/tomato tart be frozen after baking? Since it makes two, I would like to freeze one. Just not sure the crab would freeze well.

Serena Butch


lowcountrycook September 7, 2020
The crabmeat should freeze ok if you have blotted it well, but tomatoes have too much water, and when the ice crystals in them thaw their flesh will be destroyed and the liquid will drown the other ingredients. And unfortunately I think it's too dense to cook from frozen.
Lori T. September 7, 2020
I'm not so sure about that freezing would be a good idea for this tart. Frozen mayonnaise tends to separate, tomatos will give off moisture and likely disintegrate, and the crab meat may end up stringy, dry and tasteless. There are ways to freeze those things individually- except the mayo, but of course that defeats the whole tart idea. I would simply cut the recipe by half, if possible.
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