What are your favorite late summer early fall recipes?

I'm ready for a change in my current repertoire...send me your best meals and recipes.

Stephanie G


Nancy September 13, 2020
Also on my "want to make soon list" is Dori Greenspan's versatile whole pumpkin dish (omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, main or side).
Miss_Karen September 10, 2020
I make pumpkin bisque soup with fried pancetta as garnish. (Better Homes & Garden)
I also make an apple and Parsnip soup (recipe from the Broadmoor Hotel) & posted here. For some reason I make Bedfordshire Clangers more at this time of year too. My son loves to take them to school for his lunch.
Lori T. September 9, 2020
I'm another vote for ratatouille, or other versions of Mediterranean vegetable stews. There are tians, a rattatuia from Liguria, a turlu from Turkey - plus endless variations from Africa to the Middle East. Might as well celebrate the short lived abundance of eggplant, squash, and tomatos - before frost puts an end to them. If it's too warm to eat the dish hot- it eats wonderfully at room temperature. And when the coolish breeze blows, it eats well hot. With a loaf of bread, a dish of olives and the cheese of choice- perhaps a glass of wine- yum!
Nancy September 10, 2020
Agree with these suggestions.
Also various eggplant sandwiches (parmigiana, sabich) and spreads.
Last, some organic butchers say meat is also (best) seasonal, and recommend beef and pork in autumn. Interesting thought.
Stephanie G. September 10, 2020
I love ratatouille. I just finished off a big recipe of it last week!
Jr0717 September 9, 2020
The roasted ratatouille (from Alexandra Stafford's blog) is on repeat at this time of the year for me (so easy to make ahead and en masse), all of the muffins and crumb cakes featuring ripe (and overripe) summer fruit (warm breakfasts with bright summer produce are seasonally perfect!), and in general more comforting, slower-cooked recipes that use the best of the end-of-summer produce in a more welcome-to-fall-and-cozy-season presentation.
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