wich is the best wedding cake for summer

I need decide the best option

  • Posted by: lettys
  • May 15, 2023


Nancy May 16, 2023
“Best” is a big standard and, as 702551 suggests, has many factors.

If your logistics permit (a small group and/or enough staff to serve quickly), consider for hot weather season a refrigerator cake, a cheesecake or even an ice cream cake.
702551 May 15, 2023
Direct your inquiries to the couple getting married.

They will be the decision makers on the flavor and basic style. Perhaps most importantly whatever they select will need to fit their budget.

There are plenty of questions involving location, time of year, time of day, number of attendees, dietary restrictions, optional second or third cakes (in different flavors/ingredients), anticipated weather conditions at location (particularly temperature, climate control, humidity).

Summer in Cape Cod, MA is not the same as summer in Napa, CA nor Nashville, TN.

Certainly all sorts of people get married and the white wedding cake on the cover of some magazine isn't the only one worth serving. It's worth pointing out that in various cultures, the notion of a "classic" wedding cake is quite different.

Most of what is considered to be the typical wedding for Westerners really stems from Queen Victoria's wedding (including the "bride wears white" thing). People have been conducting weddings differently for thousands of years before hers (and still do today in many parts of the world).

Remember, Victoria had a royal budget for her wedding. Trying to duplicate her wedding is not within the financial reality of most couples, especially with larger guest lists.

Best of luck.
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