What if you don't have a cast iron skillet?

Well...I have a cast iron but would like to make 2-3x the recipe. Would an oven-safe nonstick pan work?

Christine Golub
Giant Skillet Latke
Recipe question for: Giant Skillet Latke


Joyce L. December 3, 2021
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Nancy September 11, 2020
Latkes freeze well, so maybe make 2 or 2 batches, each sized for your skillet in order to get the ideal crispy texture.
Then freeze.
When serving date rolls around, warm in oven, finish on a sheet pan under the grill as Lori suggests.
Nancy September 13, 2020
That's: 2 or 3 batches (as in your original question)
Lori T. September 11, 2020
Theoretically, yes. Most non-stick coatings are supposed to be safe up to 500F. However, the temperature called for in the recipe gets pretty close to that. Finally, the recipe calls for browning the top under the broiler. Broiler temps definitely get above 500F, and can cause the coating to emit fumes or break down. I would recommend maybe doing the baking in the skillet, and then sliding it out to a sheet pan or broiler pan that can take the broiler heat.
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