pasta fagioli - I recently made a pot of this pasta soup, as I was curious about the tatae di

e dish, knowing that is much beloved. I was very disappointed. I trust the author of the recipe, but found it quite tasteless. I did not use borlotti beans or red kidney beans. Could that be the problem? Question 2- do I chuck it or make some additions,ie. hot pepper flakes, and try freezing it. Is this dish freezer friendly?

Helen Drezner


Happygoin September 13, 2020
This would be a perfect time to throw in some Parmesan rinds if you have them or can buy some.

It will Improve the broth, adding a deep, savory note not to mention they’re delicious to pull out and eat.
Nancy September 12, 2020
Usually a change of beans alters but doesn't destroy a recipe's flavor.
Pasta e ravioli usually gets umami and depth of flavor from fat, broth, salt and pepper, wine, cheese and/or sausage.
Increase or add those elements for better taste.
Adding red pepper flakes to a bland dish just gives heat. Adding them alone won't do enough, but yes if you like heat add them with the other flavor boosters.
Yes, the dish freezes well.
Finslly, could it be that you just didn't like this dish or the recipe used, even though by a trusted author?
Nancy September 12, 2020
Oops. Auto incorrect read "fagioli" as "ravioli".
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