Is it possible to stuff the ravioli with a ravioli attachment before boiling?

My pasta roller comes with a ravioli cutter/stuffer. Can I roll them out with the stuffing and then parboil/bake?

  • Posted by: JillDona
  • September 16, 2020


Nancy September 17, 2020
I am confused by your question.
Do you mean roll out the pasta with the filling in one go...
If that, no.
Do you mean roll out the pasta first, then fill and seal with the pasta attachment to mixer...
if that, yes.
Here are links to YouTube videos on using that attachment.

Nancy September 17, 2020
PS Last confusion.
If you mean another pasta roller than the KA mixer one, I am not sure.
Perhaps double check the instruction manual (in real life, if you still have it, or online - as many manufacturers now post one there).
JillDona September 21, 2020
I understand that I could generally make ravioli with my attachment, but in this specific recipe, one must roll pasta out thinly, cut into squares, boil, then roll/fold with the stuffing. I'm curious if it's worth following the recipe exactly or if it's better to roll pasta out thinly, stuff, roll again using the attachment, and then boiling. This recipe seems intricate (in a wonderful way), and I want to make this in the best way possible without losing its magic!
Nancy September 22, 2020
Jilldona - I undrstand your real question now.
Nancy September 22, 2020
Pressed upload too soon. To finish: recipe author in the comments says yes with boling the pasta squares before filling and baking.
I've not made this recipe, but similar ones and the taste is better/different as specified..
Or, you could make make half batch each way and decide which you like better.
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