Shipping lemon tarts? Need recipe/ packaging advice

My grandmother has been having a hard time being alone during covid so I've been sending her packages to cheer her up. I'm planning on sending her some baked goods, but what she really wants is mini lemon tarts. I'm trying to find a recipe that could ship well and would be fairly shelf-stable. And/or if anyone has a creative way to package tarts that would keep them from getting super crushed?

I'm also looking for other recipes that would hold up well - she loves anything lemon flavored, raspberry, and apricot. She also loves anything that seems french. Thanks!

Emily McD
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1 Comment

Nancy September 20, 2020
Such nice ways of connecting with your grandmother!
Maybe not as personal as you want, but all I can think of is to find a good local bakery and have them deliver (fresh) lemon tarts, along with some raspberry & apricot pastries for her to pop in the freezer.
It's not your baking, but yes your care and thoughtfulness she'll receive and be eating.
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