I have no idea what is a chicken scaffold!

Is it the structure of the ribs and the back bone? Also, is the chicken raw (and not roasted chicken carcasses)?



Mandy L. October 24, 2020
It just means chicken bone scraps, back bone, neck, feet and etc.
GVKW October 19, 2020
I believe "scaffolds" is just an interestingly quirky translation of "carcasses". Based on some of the other recipes I've seen while researching Tori Paitan, you can either use whole chickens or just the bones, but there's really no reason to waste big chunks of meat if you're gonna immersion blend and strain it anyway.

I'll be making this next weekend for my brother's birthday dinner, and I'll use a couple carcasses from grocery store rotisserie birds, plus extra necks and feet for their gelatin. The full menu will be my ginger-garlic buttered chicken thighs over tori paitan with shirataki rice (he's diabetic), lemon pepper broccoli, and keto black cocoa-orange ricotta cake. He's already hungry! :)
May October 7, 2020
I’m not sure what it is either, especially since the author calls out all the pieces needed. If it helps, she does not ask for anything other than what’s listed after scaffold and says the neck and feet are essential for gelatin formation.

Seems like she used raw in the video too, as she blanched them to remove impurities.
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