Possibly Instant Pot friendly?

Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried using their instant pot for this? The recipe reduces the liquid but adds more in that I feel like it should be doable but curious if anyone has experimented.

Thank you for sharing Mandy, can’t wait to try making this!

  • Posted by: May
  • October 7, 2020


GVKW October 28, 2020
Yes, I started on the stovetop but ended up using my Instant Pot. Different recipes say different things, but on the premise that I had nothing to lose, I added bones and broth to the halfway mark in my 6 qt. Duo (I did two batches), and then set it to Manual/High Pressure for 3 hours (overnight, so it "stayed warm" for another 6 until I came back to it). Blended like a dream - the chicken femur bones were soft enough to crumble with thumb & forefinger pressure. Then did the "boiling on the stove for 3 hours" thing - my pot needed about 4½-5 cups of water every 30 minutes, but I'd stir it just to make sure the sediment wasn't collecting every 15 or so. I *was* using a nonstick stock pot, but I don't know if that signifies.

Another pro tip is that once you've pressed the pulpy bones out through the fine mesh sieve, pour the whole mess of golden broth through a nut milk bag to get out the finest bits of sediment. I got about another cup of schtuff out that way. Also, even though it's tempting, do NOT give the pulp to cats or dogs - onion, even in minute concentrations, it wickedly toxic for them.

And be prepared to add salt. Like, a lot of it. It's totally unsalted broth - which is great - just don't judge the flavor until you've resolved that.

Bon appetit!
Mandy L. October 24, 2020
Yes because instant pot is basically pressure cooker. But after blending, the rest will have to be done on stovetop because instant pot does have the boiling activity in its high pressure environment.
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