Can I sub out the cane sugar in this recipe?

Hi! recently I developed an allergy to cane sugar. My new reality allows for coconut, maple, and date sugar...What are your thoughts on subbing out the sugar in this recipe? Since I am also allergic to wheat (yup), it is an otherwise perfect recipe for me. I watched the video on TV, and my eyes are stomach want to try it, but wondered if you have any advice?

Mel M. Fattal
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1 Comment

Lori T. October 9, 2020
I'm no allergist, but I find it odd that you are allergic to cane sugar, but can tolerate date, coconut and maple sugars. Chemically speaking, both coconut and maple sugars are forms of sucrose, just as cane or beet sugar- no matter what color it is. Date sugar is of course mostly fructose. In any event, the body converts them all to glucose, for use by the cells. Is it possible you are allergic to sugar cane, rather than the sugar itself? If that is the case, then you could still use sugar derived from beets. In the US, of course, sugar can be derived from either one- and is. The only way to know is if the package is labeled pure cane sugar.

To the point of a substitute though, you would want to use either the maple or coconut sugar. The ratio is generally 1:1, so no change needed there. However, you want to grind the coconut sugar first to be sure you have very small crystal size. You'd also want to watch the moisture level, because coconut sugar can give you a dryer batter and final result.
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