This dish has turned out to be far too sweet

Like how If you make something too salty, you add potatoes; I've made something that's too sweet (beef strips in a Korean BBQ marinade to be served on rice) and it's far too sweet - is there anything I can do about this? Thanks!



Kristen W. October 13, 2020
Heat (meaning spicy heat) can help to balance sweetness as well.
creamtea October 12, 2020
In addition to Nancy's suggestions, I would try adding more salt to balance out the sweetness and round out the flavors. Start with a small amount. While it doesn't reduce the sugar, it may create the perception of less sweetness. Another thought (I used to do this when my children were small and something was overly spicy): Take a small amount, say 1/4 to 1/3 of the cooked beef mixture, place in a colander, and rinse, blot dry with paper towel, then add it back to the whole. I know it's not exactly "cooking school" technique but it may help.
Nancy October 11, 2020
Possibly too late for this batch. Fir now or futures.
1) Dilute the sweetness by
• Adding liquid
• Adding more beef
• Adding vegetables that you might have served on the side to the main dish & cooking them there
• Removing all marinade, storing half and adding half back to the beef. Add liquid as needed.
2) Counter the sweetness by adding acid (citrus, vinegar, pickles and or their juices, fermented sauces like Worcestershire or fish sauce)
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