Can this recipe use Instant yeast?

New at baking. How do I convert this recipe to using instant yeast? It was the only yeast available in a reasonable size for a first time baker

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No-Knead Barbari Bread
Recipe question for: No-Knead Barbari Bread

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Lori T. October 14, 2020
You can use the same amount called for in the recipe, without a need to worry too much. To convert this recipe, just mix in your instant yeast directly into the flour, without dissolving or proofing it in the water. Instead of tepid water, you will want it closer to baby bottle temperature, and mix that proofing water into the flour/yeast mixture. Proceed with the recipe as it is written after that. It will probably not need as long to rise, but that's not a critical thing to worry about.
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