Best point to freeze meatballs

I plan to buy a quantity of ground beef and use some for meatballs to freeze. What would be the best point to freeze them? Obvious points seem either before or after browning. The recipe suggests refrigerating before browning. Would this be obvious point to freeze. If they are frozen raw, can they be browned straight dfrom freezer? They will be simmered in sauce after browning so getting cooked thru not an issue.



Summer O. October 19, 2020
So I take mine to the browning step and then freeze. So make the balls, let them rest in fridge for 1 hour +, brown in pan, then freeze. When I go to cook them I thaw them in the fridge over a day and then braise them in the oven with the tomato passata.
Nancy October 19, 2020
Same here.
I'm also afraid frying frozen meatballs directly from the freezer may result in uneven heating and even burns, as one uses a lot of heat to both bring the temp up from freezing AND cook them.
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