Is beef that's turning brown in the middle bad?

  • Posted by: Rachael
  • October 1, 2015


byb October 1, 2015
I found this excerpt here:

Hopefully it helps!

Why is pre-packaged ground beef red on the outside and sometimes dull, grayish-brown inside?
Oxygen from the air reacts with meat pigments to form a bright red color which is usually seen on the surface of meat purchased in the supermarket. The pigment responsible for the red color in meat is oxymyoglobin, a substance found in all warm-blooded animals. Fresh cut meat is purplish in color. The interior of the meat may be grayish brown due to lack of oxygen; however, if all the meat in the package has turned gray or brown, it may be beginning to spoil.
Rachael October 1, 2015
It was uncooked ground beef
SMSF October 1, 2015
Is is ground beef? Uncooked? A steak? Or something else?
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