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A question about a recipe: Chocolate Pudding

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I have a question about the recipe "Chocolate Pudding" from amanda.

I'd like to make it tonight and I'd like to try and use up some of the UNsweetened chocolate I have way too much of. Anyone have an educated guess as to how much more sugar I should add?

And yes, I asked a similar question a few months ago but I don't think I got a specific answer... just general ones that led to lots of math. And while I'm all for math and problem-solving, it's been a LONG week and just want the answer handed to me on a chocolate pudding platter.

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asked almost 6 years ago
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added almost 6 years ago

Per the cook's thesaurus 1 oz semi-sweet chocolate = 1 oz unsweetened plus 1 T sugar. So with the sugar in the recipe that equals 5/8ths cup plus 1 tsp. sugar. (Or 1/2 cup plus 2 T plus 1 t.) I think you could get away with anywhere between 1/2 cup and the full 5/8ths plus 1 teaspoon depending on how sweet you like your chocolate pudding. Let us know how it turns out!