Should we leave to cool 10min after it’s cooked or release the valve before it’s finished??

This is my first time using the instant pot. Could you clarify please should we leave it to fully heat up and finish it’s cycle of 5min pressure, then leave it to cool 10min before opening the valve?
Or, should we start opening the valve 10min after we’ve set the time even if it’s before the cycle is done?

These instant pot instructions could be a lot clearer, like some other recipes on your site.

  • Posted by: JV
  • October 30, 2020


Urvashi P. October 30, 2020
It is very important to NOT open the valve until 5 mins of pressure and 10 mins of cool down time have been achieved. You will get soup spewing out of the valve unless you let it cool a little first. This is very important. You may want to read the instructions on my blog for npr vs QPR so you don’t accidentally burn yourself.
JV October 31, 2020
Thank you so much for the fast response! We made the recipe and it was absolutely delicious
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