About soaking rice -- why is it better to use new water after soaking?

I read Nik Sharma's piece on cooking rice and liked it very much. But I have a question. If you've washed the rice, and you measure the soaking water to the amount that the rice needs, why is it recommended to throw out the soaking water and change to fresh water to cook? It will absorb some while hydrating, but it would do that while hydrating in the cooking, too, wouldn't it? Very curious! Thank you!



Nate D. November 1, 2020
Residual starch granules will create a denser, stickier, less fluffy rice. This is because the starch granules outside the rice kernel will swell, and often break, releasing their sticky carbohydrates into the water to act as a glue that holds the kernels together.
birdfeeder November 2, 2020
Thank you very much!!! This was driving me nuts. Everybody says to do it, but nobody says why.
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