Has anyone tried out a Gluten Free Pasta Variance?

Has anyone tried this with gluten free pasta? I assume I might need to soak less time so it doesn't fall apart.

Liz Long
  • Posted by: Liz Long
  • November 17, 2020


Kiara S. May 23, 2022
I have done it a couple of times and just eyeballed it. It doesn't keep well but it's totally ok if you make enough for just one meal. I have done it with Catelli Gluten Free Macaroni and Presidents Choice Gluten Free Fusilli
bessie.b November 25, 2020
One of the reviewers said chickpea pasta will just dissolve but they used the barilla gluten free and it worked just fine
Patrick M. November 22, 2020
Hi Liz - we are going to ask Sohla herself on our IG Live at 5pm today. Hope you can join!
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