What is a good side dish to pair with fresh scallops that will be cooked?

Any hot or cold side dish, rice or veggie

  • Posted by: Nan
  • August 8, 2015


kimhw August 9, 2015
Sweet corn risotto. So so yummy.
Susan W. August 9, 2015
I love them simply seared served with sauteed spinach and lemony orzo or a nice risotto.
jblong August 9, 2015
Cauliflower gratin would be delicious.
Sam1148 August 8, 2015
A couscous with chopped green onions and a grilled lemon half.
amysarah August 8, 2015
Scallops are very versatile, but knowing how you're preparing them would help in making specific suggestions - simple seared, or with a sauce, a flavor direction...
PieceOfLayerCake August 8, 2015
I love them with polenta, seared/grilled veggies like spring onions, corn, fennel, cauliflower and asparagus, fresh pea puree, Oaxacan black bean, over a risotto, with mentsuyu, sesame and soba, i could go on....scallops are one of those things that pair with relatively ANYTHING that's in season. I can't really think of anything that I wouldn't pair scallops in, unless its heavy.
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