Claudia Fleming’s original recipe called for 1/2 Tablespoon baking soda to be added to molasses/beer mix. Your recipe calls for /2 teaspoon. Whic

Which is correct 1/2 teaspoon or 1/2 Tablespoon. The gingerbread tasted delicious, but fell. Could this be why? Thanks

Jonathan Siegel
The Gingeriest Gingerbread
Recipe question for: The Gingeriest Gingerbread


Emma L. November 20, 2020
Hi Jonathan! Interesting note about teaspoon vs tablespoon—after doing a bit of digging, it seems like online reprints show both versions (e.g., Epicurious and Smitten Kitchen have 1/2 teaspoon, David Lebovitz has 1/2 tablespoon). With the amount of flour in the Gingeriest Gingerbread, the current quantity of baking soda and baking powder shouldn't cause any falling issues. Sorry that happened! I've run into fallen cakes when I've overmixed the batter, but found with the right amount of whipped cream on top, even too-dense cakes still taste delicious.
Jonathan S. November 20, 2020
Thank you.. I also mixed it a bit more than usual because the batter was thin.. next time I’ll be more careful.. and there will be a next time. Loved the recipe!
Jonathan S. November 20, 2020
Answering my own question, sort of..upon reading Claudia Fleming’s recipe she notes that the oven must not be opened for at least an hour or the cake may fall. I did open the oven at around 30 minutes and turned the cake around. That is probably why it fell .
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