Help! My crust looks cracked after par-baking! What happened? Do I need to scrap the crust and start over? ver?

Laura Martin


Lori T. November 21, 2020
Either fix will work fine. Fortunately, the filling will cover the evidence and no one need ever know about the repairs that lie beneath. The pie will be good enough that they won't care anyway.
Rebecca F. November 21, 2020
You can also mix flour and a bit of water into a thick, spackle-like paste, carefully spread it over the cracks, and continue baking for a few minutes until the paste dries!
Laura M. November 21, 2020
Dang. Too late! I will try this next time! Thanks for your reply.
Leith D. November 20, 2020
I'm no expert baker, but I have patched my par baked crusts with leftover pie dough and it worked out fine.
Laura M. November 21, 2020
Thanks Leith! I didn't have any extra dough so just went for it and am crossing my fingers :) Smells good though!
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