Could I use half and half for dairy?

Would it work to use half and half instead of whole milk and heavy cream? I am able to find lactose-free half and half and whole milk but not heavy cream. Thank you!

Emily Holcomb


Nancy November 23, 2022
Emily -
Yes for liquid and dairy content in the custard. But/and the combined original cream and milk will have about 4 oz fat, whereas the half and half will have about 1 oz.
Suggestion from Food Substitutions Bible, 2005 is to use about 3/4% lighter cream and 1/4% melted butter for the replacement.
If that doesn't work for you, just use the half and half at the same measure of original cream and milk. Then consider finishing the baked tart with some butter or good quality oil if you taste it and think it needs a bit more fat.
Emily H. November 23, 2022
Fascinating, thank you Nancy! This is very helpful, and now do I risk it or just do the regular dairy haha! Thanks again!
Nancy November 23, 2022
I think it work fine with the lactose-free half and half...taste may be slightly less rich, which you can easily assess and fix after the baking.
Your choice - happy thanksgiving!
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