Why does Rick use 2 poblanos in the video, but the recipe calls for only one? Is the video correct or the recipe? Thanks!

Thom Rivera
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Pan de Elote Dressing
Recipe question for: Pan de Elote Dressing

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Lori T. November 21, 2020
I'm not sure how many of what he uses in the video- and I don't think it really matters. Peppers vary in size and heat levels, so you would have to adapt accordingly. If you wanted, you could make it with one or two- and even use more or fewer serrano peppers, for that matter. He gave the recipe basics, which call for one poblano- average size, no doubt. If you use two, because yours are small, or decide you want more heat and use more- it's not as if he's going to hunt you down and make a fuss.
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