Why are the eggs added into the dry mixture instead of the wet mixture?

I followed the recipe as it is written, but struggled with the concept of adding the eggs into the flour instead of into the wet mix. I am just curious as to why it is this way - any semi-scientific explanation? All the American wet-dry mixtures I've ever tried add the egg to the wet mix. So curious! Haven't tasted them yet but I'm sure they will be lovely. Any chance to grind some fresh cardamom I'm there.

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Vafler - Norwegian heart waffles
Recipe question for: Vafler - Norwegian heart waffles

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Maurine H. November 23, 2020
I loved having vafler with my family in Norway! I personally don't see a major reason to combine things this way—it looks like fiveandspice simply combines their ingredients differently. I have seen other recipes that do something more like flour + baking powder + salt + sugar in one bowl and then eggs + milk + water + butter in another. And I believe with my relatives, it was kind of a "one bowl" thing. Now I'm itching to try these!
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