Homemade pasta egg or egg less

I just started making my own fresh pasta looking for other recipes to try. Egg or egg less.

  • Posted by: Nan
  • October 30, 2021


drbabs October 31, 2021
Here’s Marcella Hazan's recipe for Tagliatelle with Bolognese. https://www.seriouseats.com/classic-cookbooks-marcella-hazans-homemade-tagliatelle-bolognese-meat-sauce-recipe
702551 October 30, 2021
In his book "Cooking By Hand" (2003), Paul Bertolli presents fourteen basic pasta dough recipes.

Different flours will call for different approaches. Different end uses will call for different consistencies. For example Bertolli states that a dough intended for filled pasta should be wetter than a dough for long noodles.

Inclusion of other ingredients (including different flours) will also determine whether or not any adjustment needs to be made. His rye flour pasta dough has less egg and more water. His spinach pasta has no egg. His squid ink pasta calls for white wine, a little water and semolina.

It is worth reading a book written by someone extremely meticulous who presents multiple types of pasta rather than grabbing random recipes on the Internet.

Best of luck!
Nan October 30, 2021
Thanks for the tip. Will get this book.
Nancy October 30, 2021
I found Marcella Hazan's recipe for pasta dough reliable, tasty and easy to make from the first time I made it. With egg.
Available in her first Italian cookbook (and maybe her third, that combined the offerings of the first two books) and many sites online.
Nan October 30, 2021
thank you will check it out!
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