Suggestions regarding cutting up the duck before final 350 degree roasting?

Any opinions pro or con regarding the option to cut duck up before the final crisping in the oven? Is drying out an issue ? I was thinking it might crisp better and be easier to deal with at the table. Duck for 3 people on the menu for Thanksgiving.

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Slow Roast Duck
Recipe question for: Slow Roast Duck

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Emma L. November 25, 2020
Hey there! Based on Merrill's recipe, it seems like either way would work great—just depends on what you're going for. If crispiness is the big goal and you aren't keen on carving in front of other people at the table (I'm not!), cutting then crisping is a great option. Just keep a close eye on the oven and check often to make sure it doesn't dry out (sliced pieces will likely crisp up quicker than the whole bird).
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