Do we divide the maple syrup? It is referred to in both step 2 and step 4

Hi! I wasn't sure if we were supposed to divide the maple syrup? It is supposed to be included with the ingredients in step 2, but then step 5 mentions drizzling with maple syrup? There wasn't enough pooled to use that for the drizzle so I ended up just using some extra for drizzling, but wasn't sure what was intended. (It was pretty darn delicious, so no catastrophe/emergency, but was just curious.) Thanks!

  • Posted by: Lori
  • November 30, 2020
Brussels Sprouts With Bacon
Recipe question for: Brussels Sprouts With Bacon


Emma L. December 1, 2020
Hi Lori! The maple syrup should just be mentioned in step five—just corrected accordingly. Thank you so much for this catch!
Lori December 1, 2020
Wonderful, thanks Emma! I definitely intend to make this again, thank you for an easy, delicious recipe.
Lori November 30, 2020
Er, the heading should say step 2 and step *5*
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