Measuring the dried fruit and nuts

Do you measure out the fruit and nuts before or after they are chopped?

  • Posted by: SteveD
  • December 7, 2020
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Jeweled Butter Cookies
Recipe question for: Jeweled Butter Cookies

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Lori T. December 7, 2020
Generally when you read a recipe, you will see the word "chopped" appear either before or after the ingredient referred to. When "chopped" appears before the ingredient name, it usually means you measure the amount after you've done the chopping. If "chopped" appears after the ingredient, and usually after a comma, then it means you measure the ingredient and then chop it up. In the case of this recipe, you will chop first and then measure the amount. Though honestly, with things like fruit and nuts- it's not usually that critical to be exact. If you have measured out that half cup of chopped apricot bits, and find you have a bit left- toss it in anyway. A bit more or less isn't going to ruin anything.
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