Substitution for cream cheese with quantity

Whether cream cheese can be substituted. If yes , what can I substitute with?

Aksal Joe
Chocolate-Walnut Rugelach
Recipe question for: Chocolate-Walnut Rugelach


Nancy December 7, 2020
Aksal Joe - what standard or factor do you want in a replacement for the cream cheese? For example, lower in fat than cream cheese? non-dairy? other?
Nancy December 8, 2020
If cream cheese not available, another creamy cheese like mascarpone or Neufchatel.
If for non-dairy, silken tofu or tofu cream cheese.
For lower fat, reduced-fat ricotta or cottage cheese.
All same volume or weight.
Smaug February 2, 2023
There's a dough that uses sour cream rather than cream cheese- same procedure- that some use. It works well but comes out somewhat tenderer, probably better with a single long roll than as individual cookies. Rugelach are traditionally made with an enriched yeast dough; most bakers seem to use the same dough they use for Babkas. The cream cheese dough seems to be strictly American; yeast dough is more common in Europe and Israel,
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