Overnight proof for baking in the morning?

What a lovely recipe! Can you do last proof overnight so they can be baked first thing in morning?

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  • December 8, 2020
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Gingerbread Sweet Rolls
Recipe question for: Gingerbread Sweet Rolls

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Lori T. December 8, 2020
You can certainly do the last rise overnight, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can pull them from the fridge and pop directly into the oven. You would want to cover the pan with plastic wrap, and let them have at least a 12 hour rise time chilled. When you remove them the next morning, they will need to sit at room temperature about 30 minutes or so before you pop them in the oven. Depending on how cold your fridge is, you may want to give them a bit longer- you will have to judge that based on if they doubled in the fridge. But your instincts are good, and most bread doughs actually improve with a longer, cool rise. These ought to be even yummier, with time to let the spices really meld together.
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