What are the dough strength indicators if mixing by hand?

I don't have a stand mixer. How long should I mix the dough via the slap and fold method? And how elastic should the dough be?

milan kapadia
Sourdough Fougasse
Recipe question for: Sourdough Fougasse


Maurizio L. December 11, 2020
I'd strengthen the dough a bit before adding the olive oil, perhaps 3-5 minutes with slap/fold until the dough starts to smooth out and hold its structure on the counter. Then, return the dough to the mixing bowl and mix in the olive oil by hand. The dough will break apart initially but continue to fold it over itself until the OO is all absorbed. It's ok that the dough doesn't smooth completely after adding the OO; it'll come together and show more strength during bulk fermentation.
milan K. December 11, 2020
Thank you! Write a book already!
Maurizio L. December 11, 2020
Getting there ;)
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