Cake mix upgrade? Ideas for improving a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix. Thank you

Is there anything I can add to improve a Duncan Hines devils food cake mix?

Suzy Q
  • Posted by: Suzy Q
  • December 12, 2020


HalfPint December 14, 2020
I got this from TikTok,
Instead of adding the directed amount of water, egg, and oil: add 2 more eggs, milk instead of water, double the amount of butter instead of oil.

I'm told this is one darn good cake.
Suzy Q. December 14, 2020
Thank you one and all for the ideas and links....I'll check it out☀️
Nancy December 12, 2020
There are several articles out there with 8 to 10 ideas each on how to improve results from boxed cake mix - flavor boosts, and other formats (waffles, ice cream).
See especially allrecipes, pioneer woman or one here at food52 in August 2020 (by Posie Harwood under her married nane).
Nancy December 13, 2020
Links to articles I mentioned:
Lori T. December 12, 2020
Stir in a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream, a box of chocolate pudding. Spread orange marmalade over the top of the baked layers before frosting the cake. Stir in caramel bits instead of the chocolate chips, or possibly toffee bits. Fold in well drained, chopped cherries once cake batter is mixed completely. M&M's or mint chips also work. You don't need or want to add in more than about 1/2 - 2/3 cup of any mix in chips/chunks though- because it will likely cause a failure. And don't overlook making a good cake, and then gussy up the frosting part. Chopped candy of all sorts in a nice buttercream is always popular.
Miss_Karen December 12, 2020
You can stir in some chocolate chips to the dry mix (before you add any liquids.) Also, you can use unsweetened coffee (flavored is ok) instead of water.
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