A friend gave me a cookie recipe that calls for 1 cup of Crisco. I haven't used Cr

Crisco in 20 years. Can I substitute butter instead?

  • Posted by: Sharon47
  • December 14, 2020


Lori T. December 15, 2020
You can, but be aware that doing so will change things structurally. Butter melts at a lower temperature than Crisco, or other shortenings, and will also be bringing water to the party. Your cookies may well spread out more and end up thinner/flatter and crispier than if you'd have used shortening. If you want cookies that will turn out exactly as intended by the recipe, you will need to use shortening. Just for the record- it's not the same old Crisco. It was reformulated to eliminate trans fats. You can also get it in smaller quantity as well - either sticks like butter or margarine size, or a small canister.
Nancy December 14, 2020
Sharon47 -
The short answer is yes. Longer answers can be found in linked article from King Arthur Flour.
If you bake with animal fat, that could also be used, as could margarine.
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