Using gingersnap cookies instead of crackers

Should I cut back or the amount of sugar if substituting small gingersnaps for the crackers?

Yvonne DeMaria Zier
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Ritz Cracker Shortbread
Recipe question for: Ritz Cracker Shortbread

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Kaleigh E. December 19, 2020
Hello Yvonne!
This would really depend on the Ginger Snaps you use. A box of Ritz Crackers contains approximately 24 grams of sugar, and when I looked up a few brands of Ginger Snaps most seemed to average 8 - 11 grams of sugar per 3-4 cookies! If it's a regular store brand of Ginger Snaps you may be better off just using the Ritz Crackers.
Cheers and happy holidays! :)
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