What could I substitute for farro?

I couldn't find farro at the grocery store today, and I honestly am not sure I've ever had it - what would be the best substitute in this recipe? Would quinoa work?

  • Posted by: manders
  • December 20, 2020


miriam February 4, 2023
I love farro, and I can find it in my neighborhood, but usually I don't have the choice of whole or pearled. What adjustments would I have to make if I substituted one for the other?
Angel A. December 21, 2020
Farro is a relative of wheat that is sold in whole berries (not ground or cracked). You can substitute it with other whole berry grains including wheat berries, spelt berries, or pearled barley. These grains in the whole berry version are toothy and and a unique textural element to dishes. You'll lose that with smaller more tender substitutes, but I'm sure the dish will still be tasty and healthy with quinoa or brown rice cooked al dente.
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