Is spreadable cream cheese okay for baking?

Is philidelphia cream cheese sold in a tub that same as the brick? My supermarket doesn't sell the brick kind so I only have the tub one. Is it okay for making sugar cookies or would it ruin them?

  • Posted by: Hkhan32
  • December 21, 2020


Nancy December 21, 2020
If you are making treats, the stores near you carries imported cheeses and your wallet can stand the freight, use Neufchatel (which American cream cheese was developed to imitate) or mascarpone.
If the answers are no, no & no, try ricotta or dry curd cottage cheese.
In a pinch and if there's nothing else, use the cream cheese in tubs, but be aware it has less fat and less moisture, and more air whipped in, all of which will change the texture of the dough and the finished cookies.
Good luck and, if you experiment with some replacements, please tell us how it works out ;)
Hkhan32 December 21, 2020
I did it with a tub icecream! The cookies still turned out great, thought they tasted a little dodgy. Thanks for the advice!!
Hkhan32 December 21, 2020
Sorry I meant tub cream cheese*
Nancy December 21, 2020
Glad they worked out!
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