10x15 pan or 12x17 pan for these amounts?

Is this recipe for a 10x15 pan or a 12x17 pan? or can it be used for both? I'm confused. There are two recipes listed and the only difference is the size of the pan? Will it work on a 12x17 pan or will it be too thin and unable to roll?

Margaret Nordstrom
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Chocolate Roulade
Recipe question for: Chocolate Roulade

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Lori T. December 23, 2020
I hope you get an answer from Erin, who wrote the original recipe. I believe the recipe will work in either pan, because the volume of each pan is the same. I wonder if the two sets of directions are because there are differences in the sizes for cutting of the strips? At any rate, you can use whichever pan size you have. I would use the shorter pan for a traditional roulade, myself - because a skinny buche de Noel looks funny. But taste is what matters, along with what size pan you already own.
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