Is the Levain measurements correct on here yet?

When I mixed the called for ingredients for the levain, it was very dry. Should the amount of water be more that 35 grams?

Sourdough Miche
Recipe question for: Sourdough Miche


Maurizio L. December 26, 2020
You can certainly add more water to make it looser. If you're using the same flour for the main mix, you might also need more water there, too!
AmandaSharma December 29, 2020
Thank you. It turned out great!
I’m going to make another this week. How would using bread flour instead of all purpose flour change this recipe?
Maurizio L. December 29, 2020
Wow, that looks fantastic! If using more bread flour, I'd expect to increase the hydration some during mixing. Now that you've made it with AP, add a little water during mixing, but only if needed, to get the dough to a similar consistency as you remember from the first bake.
AmandaSharma December 29, 2020
Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate all that you share, it has been getting me and my family through this pandemic!
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