Spicy Squash Fritters Missing Ingredients in the recipe.

3 ingredients listed in the instructions are missing in the ingredients column.
They are jalapenos, cheddar cheese and milk. I finally found them by watching the video but it would be good to have them under ingredients. I plan to make these tonight. Thank you. Erica

Erica Swadley
Spicy Squash Fritters
Recipe question for: Spicy Squash Fritters


Erica S. January 1, 2021
I was so impressed that the recipe was corrected almost right away. Thank you. You're a class act. I finally made it today. I used Gluten-free flour and Panko. And I made it in my new Christmas gift Air Fryer. They look just like the photo and taste wonderful.
Kitchenoon December 26, 2020
Happygoin December 26, 2020
Looks like the recipe has been edited. How did it turn out?
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