Tomato sauce, puree and paste

I used to use 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can puree and 1 small can of paste. Stores no longer carry puree. How can I adjust? Thinking of adding 2 sauce and larger can of paste. Thoughts...

Cyndi Johnson Schmitz


gandalf December 29, 2020
I have seen tomato puree -- at least in 28 oz. cans -- under the Cento label in our local Kroger; they are next to the crushed tomatoes. (I don't look for crushed or pureed tomatoes in smaller sizes, so I don't know about them.) So it's out there; but maybe not common or easy to find.
Nancy December 27, 2020
Cyndi Johnson Schmitz - I guess you're using different tomato products to get a richer or more balanced taste than just one. Sounds good.
Your idea of using 2 sauce instead of sauce + puree will work.
Other ways to replace the pureed tomatoes -
* buy called passata - an Italian version of pureed tomatoes - may be in the imported or foreign foods section. Probably more expensive than local products, but usually tastes very good.
* buy any format canned tomatoes (whole or diced). Mash up the whole with a fork or potato masher. Or puree either in a blender, processor or bowl with stick blender.
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