About the yeast-2 packets? Is that cores t!

So the recipe says 1.5 tablespoons but in parentheses 2 packets. Is that correct? One pack of yeast is 2 tablespoons approximately

Fluffy, Buttery Dinner Rolls
Recipe question for: Fluffy, Buttery Dinner Rolls


HowieH914 December 28, 2020
I withdraw my question, I see where my mistake is.
Lori T. December 28, 2020
I don't know where your yeast packets are made, but those sold in the US contain just over 2 teaspoons of yeast in each single packet. Actually, they are filled by weight to provide 1/4 oz. of dry yeast. So the precise measurement will vary slightly depending on the size of the yeast particles themselves. As a rule, that's from about 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 teaspoons of yeast. Your recipe is calling for 2 standard packets, so you will need 4 teaspoons or so of yeast, or 1/2 oz. A few yeast crumbles more or less isn't actually that critical.
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