Planning Special Surf and Turf Menu

I need advice on a menu im planning for a very special occasion. Whats needed polite opinions on cohesiveness of menu. Suggestions on changes. Suggestions on dessert and wine pairings.

  • Posted by: VannahV
  • January 1, 2021


Nancy January 2, 2021
Vannah V - the project and menu sound interesting.
But I worry the main course has too much going on.
Seared delicate fish, steamed clams, white wine, chorizo.
I would go for one of fish, clams or some pork roast and highlight it - through top quality sourcing and presentation. Wine to be decided after you choose a main.
Last, maybe give yourself a break and don't cook dessert. Serve, instead, nibble food to end the meal - whole nuts, dried fruits, maybe a little aged cheese and a sweet wine.
Enjoy your dinner party!
VannahV January 1, 2021
4 Course Meal
The theme is kinda a twist on surf and turf. I wanna play with bright refreshing flavors with pops of contrasting richness. (Disclaimer..I AM NOT A REAL CHEF, so please don't @ me if you think it doesn't go. I am open for polite suggestions, thanks.)

Hors'deourve Course- opening with easy bright and citrusy

Scallop Carpaccio with watermelon radish and a citrusy ginger broth. (Credit to Food and Wine for

Appetizer Course- Here comes the contrast, roasted bone marrow with a sharp herb salad and crostini.

Main Course- pan seared (insert delicate fish in season here) served on a bed of steamed clams with white wine and chorizo and greens[ idk I need veg].

Dessert course- possibly Panna cotta very open to pairing suggestions.

Also wine pairings too.
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