What is a nice sauce to pair with artichokes?

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CarlaCooks April 14, 2011
Garlic butter! The easist way is to melt butter and add garlic salt to taste. A tangy mayo is also quite nice, with plenty of vinegar and lemon in the mayo.
Melusine April 13, 2011
A decadent bagna cauda.
Waldito April 13, 2011
I like to slice them, pour a little olive oil in a pan, add a tablespoon or two of water, and let them cook through. I toast coriander seeds and then mortar & pestle them, chop fresh mint, and add to the pan. Sometimes I add another glug of really good-quality olive oil, and a pinch of sea salt & black pepper.
davidpdx April 13, 2011
Homemade mayo is great, but For simple but flavorful sauce, thin out prepared mayo (Hellman's Light works well) with lemon juice. Use as-is, or flavor to taste with cumin or good curry powder.
duclosbe1 April 12, 2011
I like my artichokes with a lemon butter dipping sauce. It's so good!
Helen's A. April 12, 2011
I make artichokes all the time. Here is my favorite way. When they're pan roasted like this, you don't need to bother with a sauce: http://www.food52.com/recipes/11003_easy_elegant_artichokes
CookOnTheFly April 12, 2011
Funny, I just picked up a recipe for Artichoke-Scrambled Eggs Benedict at my YMCA today. I think this topping for artichokes sounds yummy and healthy:

2 TBSP reduced-fat mayo
2 TBSP non-fat plain yogurt
2 TSP lemon juice
1 TSP water

I'd probably add a little oregano, dill or tarragon to the above for an extra kick.
francesca G. April 12, 2011
There are a bunch of recipes for artichokes with sauces on the new Whole Foods cooking site for the Rockville store...check it out! rockville.wholefoodsmarketcooking.com
sarah K. April 12, 2011
Amen to the mayo. When I was a kid, my mom would make little bowls for each person, one with homemade mayo, one with melted butter mixed with lemon juice. I would alternate the sauces, bite after bite, and I thought it was the best thing in the world, just super simple like that.
Kristen M. April 12, 2011
Lemony, garlicky mayo (a.k.a. aioli).
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