8 course dinner - order of dishes and wine pairing.

I'm starting with a trio of cold summer soups (in shot glasses) paired with a sparkling wine, and then moving on to a country duck pate (with home picked sweet cherries), and thinking of pairing with an Albarino, but would also pair nicely with a light Pinot Noir, but my dilemma is the next course is a cold wine poached salmon with grilled artichokes with a lemon cream - can the Albarino work with the pate and he fish? Or is is taboo to go from light red to white - never done that and it just feels wrong (smile). Any advice?

  • Posted by: Crj
  • July 4, 2019


ANALIZ July 5, 2019
I will share to you the food guide I just bought online, http://bit.ly/2XtaIWx.
I always organize meetings and seminars from different company and I am the one who prepare the menu. I had the same problems as yours, so here's a little heads up for you. Hope you like it. ^_^
Nancy July 5, 2019
Link in Analiz comment promotes sales of a diet book/fat loss program.
Mistake or intentional, not helpful to planning multicourse food-wine dinner.
Crj July 5, 2019
Thanks! I have another idea, after doing more research.... to pair with the pate.... a lighter style Lambrusco?
Crj July 5, 2019
Thanks Analiz-
I agree with Nancy on this one....
Nancy July 5, 2019
Lambrusco sounds good, yes.
It's traditionally paired with fatty foods like preserved meats, duck confit, cheese and even fatty fish (which category salmon falls into, if you want to continue into that course).
Nancy July 4, 2019
A few reactions.
Maybe switch the order of your courses: serve the poached salmon before the duck pate.
White wine in general can be ok with duck pate, but since the duck is a rich dish and the Albarino is a light wine (both in taste and in alcohol by volume), it likely woudn't hold up.
Think of richer tasting white winew (also higher in A.B.V.) like chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, which could go well with both the fish and pate.
Also, have a look at this article for more ideas.
Nancy July 4, 2019
PS Your menu, what you've told us, sounds lovely :)
Crj July 4, 2019
Thanks Nancy! I think I’ll go with a Sauvignon Blanc as you suggest, as I do want the pate before the fish- I want the pate as an appetizer (with pickled cherries) and the salmon/grilled artichokes as a first course...... I’m thinking there will be enough of a gap to sip more wine to clean the palate before serving up for the salmon....cheers!
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