Is the amount/weight of meat correct?

500 g of beef is about 1 pound of beef. 350 g. Short ribs is about 3/4 pound of meat (much of that fat and bone.) Really? Is that accurate? For serving 8 - 10 people?

Traditional Beef Goulash
Recipe question for: Traditional Beef Goulash


Lori T. January 6, 2021
Yes, that's about right. As 702551 noted, it's not meant to be a loaded meat dish. It is a peasant dish, meant to stretch a small amount of meat to feed many mouths without leaving them feeling shorted. All those veggies, potatoes and dumplings make it filling- the meat makes it rich. Along with some nice crusty bread, yes, it will serve 8-10 people with normal appetites.
702551 January 6, 2021
That seems appropriate to me: 3 ounces of meat per serving for a soup with European peasant origins.

This isn't supposed to be the grand "piece de resistance" one-pound-of-meat-per-person monstrosity that Americans so frequently expect.
HalfPint January 6, 2021
Agree. That's 3 oz meat with dumplings AND potatoes. Sounds very hearty. For 8-10 people, this would be a soup course. If it is an entree, it would more likely feed 5-6 people, with generous portions.
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