Sauerbraten Issue with Marinade

Has anyone made Sauerbraten? I started the marinade process tonight and I’m worried I added the marinade to the meat when it was still too hot, due to poor recipe instructions. 🥴 Can anyone provide any input??? Am I in big trouble? 😐 It looks as though I semi cooked the meat.

Dionisia Mathios
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Lori T. January 7, 2021
No, you are not in big trouble. The meat in a sauerbraten marinade does turn a rather ugly grey color. The red portion simply hasn't been exposed to the marinade yet. You need to either submerge the meat in the marinade, or turn it over a couple times a day to make sure it marinates evenly. I actually prefer to use a large rubbermaid type pitcher, so the meat can sort of stand on end in the marinade during the several days it requires to be marinated.
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