Jiffy Chocolate Frosting is discontinued what do I replace it with?

The help I need is in the title. I want to make the Tunnel of Fudge Bundt cake but one of the ingredients is discontinued. What should I do?

  • Posted by: Mdinnj
  • January 11, 2021
Tunnel of Fudge, 1966
Recipe question for: Tunnel of Fudge, 1966


Imbatnan December 17, 2023
There are soooo many variables in so many versions for “success” of this cake (type of sugars, mixing method, cook time, but all versions insist walnuts are “necessary”. Anyone know why? Anyone tried it without?
Lori T. December 17, 2023
From my own personal experience-as a "wise" barely out of my teens self- I opted to omit the walnuts because I didn't believe something that small could be essential. Old wives tales, I thought. But no, it wasn't. Without the nuts the cake lacks structure and strength to hold up to the soft center and moist cake crumb. It collapsed, as did my hopes to impress with my cooking prowess. I did not win the way to that particular gentleman's heart, which probably was all for the best anyway. By the time I did meet Mr. Right, my culinary abilities and taste in men had improved greatly.
Jessica R. January 12, 2021
Hi! Sadly I know of no replacement, but if you search online for "Shirley Corriher Tunnel of Fudge" you'll find a wonderful variation.
Lori T. January 11, 2021
Amazon carries a couple different brands of dry chocolate frosting mix- one made by Krusteaz, and 365 Everyday Value from their Whole Foods section. I imagine either of those might work, or you could try the version which Pillsbury has on their recipe site. Or did have, I haven't looked in a while.
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