Can you use use white chocolate to make a vanilla cake?

I cannot wait to try this recipe. My husbands birthday is on January 26 and he loves chocolate cake. My sons birthday is January 25th, and he hates chocolate cake. He does love vanilla so I was wondering if you ever tried substituting white chocolate for milk chocolate? If not, do you think it might work?

Janet Thomas
Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


creamtea January 13, 2021
You are probably better off using a recipe developed specifically for white chocolate, since the fat content, sugar content and acid level will be very different from unsweetened chocolate. The flavor, rise, and texture will likely be very different.
Nancy January 14, 2021
And Janet, if you make a cake with white chocolate, it is yes a white cake in looks but still a chocolate cake in taste.
Maybe ask your son if he hates all chocolate or only chocolate that's dark in color?
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