8x10 pan - Curious about the pan size mentioned...don't see 8x10 in recipes often, if ever. This strikes me as a snacking cake so I'm guessing a sta

  • Posted by: TMartin
  • January 13, 2021


Nancy January 13, 2021
Just FYI, figuring by volumes, the 8x10 inch pan (supposing standard 2 inch height) holds 160 cu inches or about 11 cups.
According to one of several baking-pan-volume-charts, these pans hold 12 cups (enough for this batter and some extra to prevent overflows):
tube pan 9 in diam or Bundt pan 10 in diam
rectangle (aka lasagna pan) 9x13
layer cake pans 8 or 9 in diam 2x
loaf pans 2 at 9x5 or 4 at 8x4
cupcakes 18 to 24
Nancy January 14, 2021
PS One review of this cake said the original pan was so large it gave a very thin cake.
Maybe use a smaller pan than those I suggested, one of the layer cake pans, or half the number of loaf pans.
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